My name is Cherri Farah and I am a syndicated columnist, radio and T.V. host. My world consists of interviewing and rubbing shoulders with high-profile and celebrity personalities such as: Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, Larry King, Nicole Kidman and the list goes on and on…..In addition I am an Entertainment and Society Editor which places me in a constant whirl wind of society surrees and entertainment events.

Needless to say, my appearance is important to me and finding a hair salon and medical, day spa that could keep me in sync was a high priority. Fortunately I found the Bellagio Spa and Salon which has become my home away from home.

My experiences at Bellagio have superceded all my expectations and the warm and friendly staff made me feel that I had entered a ambiance of true bliss.

This exceptional group is also the leader in the world of beauty and the latest and greatest state-of-the-art body treatments and cosmedical modalities.

Jacqueline Mitchell, proprietor of Bellagio Spa and Salon mingles daily among customers making sure smiles are on everyone’s faces, while Patient Consultant Dina Fox gives valuable, complimentary advice on Medi-Spa treatment.

My amazing experience at Bellagio was taken to new heights when I was graced with the luminous Grace Gutierrez who performed a facial and luxurious body treatments that were beyond a “Zen” experience.

I was introduced to Registered Nurse Amy Cardona who talked to me about the various aesthetic modalities available such as Botox, Restylane and other dermal fillers, Photo Facials (IPL), Laser Peels and hair removal, and a myriad of age-reversing procedures. While I won’t admit to what services I had performed, I will say the experience was quite rewarding.

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