Bellagio Beauty Center offers professional eyelash extension services in two styles.

Initial Application   $350
Touch-ups   $125
Initial Application   $250
Touch-Ups   $85



Eye beauty services in IrvineEyebrow Shaping & Extensions   $75 – $155

Threading available upon request

Additional eye beauty services, such as Eye Repair Therapy and Collagen Treatments available in Bellagio’s Spa Services.

Can you figure out the right volume of eyelashes without the help of a proficient beautician? Absolutely not because it takes years of experience to attain perfection. Bellagio Spa & Salon is here to help you with this concern. We have a proficient team of salon professionals who know the most advanced techniques to embellish your eyes with the right kind of eyelashes.

Our salon has a separate section of eye beauty, where you will get eyelashes in two different styles. Choose the classic option with an initial application cost of $250. For additional touch-ups, you have to pay an extra $85. The “volume” package has an initial application cost of $350 that you can touch up with $125 extra.

On special request, we also offer the service of threading for a more seamless look. We have a complete package of eye contour enhancement. In addition to the beauty enhancement of your eyes, we have collagen treatment & eye repair therapy too. Collagen treatment helps in obtaining youthful eyelids that become droopy because of the increasing age.

Our medspa section has more reliable treatments for the beauty of your eyes. We have safely injectable dermal fillers like hyaluronic that maintain the contour of eyes for around 1 year after treating at once.

Currently, we are serving through three different locations in Crystal Cove, Newport Coast, Orchard Hills (Irvine). Give us a call to book an appointment and get the best eyelash service to steal the attention of any crowd.