Have you noticed the number of celebrities that have gone from short and chic looks to long and luxurious locks overnight? Everyone from Britney Spears to Gwen Stefani are sporting longer strands that are seemingly impossible to grow out. The secret to their longer hair: real hair extensions specially matched to their exact hair type and color. Long hair is back and the fastest way to achieve this striking, celebrity look is to invest in the latest extensions.The hair extension method is a quick and dramatic fix for all your short hair nightmares that take years to grow out. Hair extensions essentially take thin hair and make it thick, take short hair and make it long, and take flat hair and make it full. In a nutshell, individual strands (matched to your exact hair color) are braided and bonded to your natural hair in a unique, patent pending technique, to create the desired look. Hair that seemed impossible has suddenly become possible.

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The pictures shown here are of the hair extensions performed on Cherri Farah, renowned syndicated columnist, radio and T.V. host during her makeover at Bellagio. See CHERRI’S TESTIMONIAL PAGE for more information on Cherri’s makeover.