Look at your hair in the mirror. Analyze the undertones of your natural hair color and the condition of the hair. Now ask yourself exactly what it will take for you to become a flaxen blonde, fiery redhead, or toffee-toned brunette within the next hour. Answer? Bellagio Spas and Salons hair color artists.When you get your hair colored by a Bellagio color professional, you get shimmering, long-lasting hair color that looks terrific with your skin tone and eye color. Plus, you’ll enjoy healthy, shiny locks that are more manageable than ever. That’s because Bellagio colorists use the best hair color in the world, and are highly trained in how to use it-for perfect results every time.

Even if you botched your color by doing it at home, Bellagio colorists can fix it, give you back the exact shade you want and restore the glossy sheen that all hair should have. Whether you bleached your hair brittle or turned the tone to mud, it may take a little time but you can get back that spectacular color and healthy looking hair you want.

Have a celebrity whose hair color you love? A Bellagio professional colorist can analyze it, match it and tell you what it’ll take for you to get it. Want to keep those highlights long after the summer sun is gone? It’s not a problem at a Bellagio salon. Hate that gray? Professional colorists can make it go away without making your color look unnatural.

In the hands of an Artist, you can get:

  • A custom shade created just for you. No one else in the world will have your exact hair color when your Bellagio colorist customizes a color formula and determines exactly how it will look when applied over the color you have now. Want your color a tad lighter? A bit less red? Incredibly caramelized? Colorists can do.
  • Highlights just where you want them. Colorists are trained in all the newest techniques, from baliage hair painting to tone-on-tone foiling. Not only can they give you the exact shade of highlights you want; they can position them right where you want them and adjust the size to create everything from shimmering micro-lights to bold color-chunks.
  • Hair color that makes your cut look better. Instead of a hairdo, you’ll enjoy a total hair design when a colorist applies color to enhance your haircut and even your hair’s natural movement.
  • Natural-looking, long-lasting gray coverage. Gray isn’t like pigmented hair; it’s coarser, thicker and harder to cover up. Not only can a Bellagio professional make gray go away, they can make your new color look entirely natural, shiny, healthy and youthful.
  • High-fashion color without the worry. If you like the idea of changing your color frequently or want an exciting “better than nature” shade, colorists can create revved-up reds, butterscotch blondes and even hot pink-if you want it. And they can do it gently, without leaving your hair dry or damaged.

For the color of your dreams, come to Bellagio Spas and Salons, because there are some things you shouldn’t try at home.